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Our Story

 On March 22, 1998, in Suitland, Maryland, the Praise Redemption Center was established as a new body in Christ.  Praise and Worship Services were held in the Annabel Ferguson Auditorium of Suitland High School.


     However, prior to March 22, Rev. Dr. Eugene Weathers, being led by the Holy Spirit, called about 14 individuals and announced that God had appointed him to start a new church.  A meeting was called, and Dr. Weathers presented the vision that God had given him to the group.  A formal discussion was had, which was followed by prayer, and then a commitment was made by each individual in attendance, to set about the work of establishing a new church.  The following persons attended that meeting and are thereby considered to have been the "Founders" of Praise Redemption Center: Dr. Eugene Weathers, Pernell and Orlean Johnson, Mildred Bynum, John and Ava Livas, John and Angela Young, Kelvin and Veronica King, Melody Bynum Piper, Gloria Prentiss Bragg, Tracey Johnson, and LeRoy T. Smith, Jr.


     More than 300 persons attended the "Opening Day" service.  Approximately 122 individuals cast their lots at the Praise Redemption Center.  An article was written in the Prince George's County Journal newspaper, and local radio stations aired the announcements.


     Within the first few months, as the foundation began to take hold, the Church began to birth ministries as they were given to our Pastor.  The following auxiliaries were established during the first year: Ministers, the Board of Elders, Deacon and Deaconess Boards, Usher Boards, Nurses Unit, Hospitality Committee, Trustee Board, New Members Ministry, the Young Missionaries, and the Love Club.


     Praise Redemption Center sponsored several very special programs, "Women in White", "Men in Black", and the Ordination Services for our ministers and members in leadership.  Also, during this time, our Church's mission began to manifest; thus, the mission of delivering food baskets to church members, as well as to the community, began.  This was followed by "Coat Drives" during our first winter and missions to help flood victims in North Carolina.


     On April 9, 2000, Dr. Eugene Weathers, the pastor and Founder for Praise Redemption Center, after a long and tedious illness, departed this life and went home to be with the Lord.  The church family and community were stunned and grieved.  But God was gracious, as He did not delay in sending the Praise Redemption Center a "Joshua" to take up the vision, and lead the membership on.


     In July 2000, Pastor Nathaniel Huggins, Jr. of Newport News, Virginia was elected to pastor Praise Redemption Worship Center.  He was installed as Pastor in October 2000.


     Since his arrival, the Praise Redemption Center was officially renamed the "Praise Redemption Worship Center".  After the Installation Service, the first item on Bishop Huggins' agenda was to find and purchase property to build an edifice for worship as we did not have a church.  Bishop Huggins worked tirelessly to rebuild the church's financial stability in order to qualify Praise Redemption Worship Center for "lending" from financial institutions.  It was during this time that Bishop Huggins consistently showed the congregation what great leaders are made of, because he did not give up.  Instead, he held steadfast to his faith in God, encouraged the congregation to do the same, and forged-on full-steam ahead.  because of his perseverance, dedication and tenacity, the church was able to secure property on 22nd Street, NE, Washington, D.C.  On April 15, 2001, the Praise Redemption Worship Center moved in their new home.  The property cost $450,000.00.


     On November 21, 2006, the church at 3200 22nd Street NE, D.C. was sold to Evangel Missionary Baptist Church.  On November 22, 2006, Praise Redemption Worship Center purchased property at 9601 Rosaryville Road, Upper Marlboro, MD.  The property consisted of 7.8 acres of land with a 3800 square-foot home included.  We were holding Sunday morning services at the Zealia Centre, in Forestville, Maryland, until we broke ground and built on our property in Upper Marlboro.  As we were making plans to break ground, God let our pastor know that He had something even better for us.  God opened the doors for us to acquire yet another property.  In July 2008, we marched into our new church home located at 968 Lower Pindell Road in Lothian, Maryland.  Our new church home sits on 10 beautiful acres of land.  It is at this home that God is manifesting Himself through Bishop Huggins.  To God be the glory for the things He has done!


     In times like these, where the strong ties that bind the churches to the community appear to be fading, Bishop Huggins has held firm his belief in the church embracing the community as a "family unit".  Through his "Reclaiming the Community for Christ" Outreach Ministry, Bishop Huggins has established a relationship with a local Intervention Center and the Anne Arundel Social Services.  He has also endeavored to reestablish a Food Bank that would benefit church members and the community-at-large.  Within the church, he has started an outreach ministry that gave contributions to the less fortunate to 25 families for Thanksgiving and 45 children for Christmas 2009.  He also held a Free Community Awareness and Festival Day in June 2012 to strengthen families and community unity.  His heightened spiritual awareness, self esteem, leadership ability and sense of responsibility has promoted a greater sense of commitment by those who have the privilege to serve under him.


     Pastor Huggins is determined and committed to fulfilling the vision that God has purposed for Praise Redemption Worship Center.


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