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"And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled." Luke 14:23


     The bus ministry’s purpose is to reach others with the gospel by providing transportation so that they can attend church where they can learn about the things of God through Sunday school and Worship. Praise Redemption Worship Center provides FREE transportation to anyone who has no way to get to church. We provide rides for children and adults along with people with physical disabilities including wheelchair. The bus arrives in time for 9:30 am Sunday school and leaves when Sunday School ends at 10:30 am. We then run the route for Youth Church and Sunday Morning Service with the bus getting to church at 10:45 am Sunday morning and leaving when the service finishes around 1:00 pm. We also provide rides for Wednesday evening Bible Study and Prayer time from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. If you are in need of a ride, please call us at 410-741-0006 and leave a message of your name, address, contact phone number and number of riders.  You can also sign-up on our website at

     Our Bus Ministry is a valuable outreach of our church, designed to reach the whole family. Through Worship, Sunday School, picnics, outings and trips children and adults learn how they can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then grow spiritually by life changing Bible Study and Christian fellowship with other believers. Drivers, captains, and bus workers strive to focus on providing a warm, friendly, clean environment on the bus or van. We would love to have an opportunity to minister to you and your family.
















     If you are interested in riding one of our buses to church, please feel free to contact Praise Redemption Worship Center at 410-741-0006 and leave a message of your name, address, contact phone number and number of riders.  We would love to have an opportunity to minister to you and your family.


Here's what you can expect for the younger children:


  • Visit your house and invite you and your family to visit our church.

  • Provide you with a permission form to fill out and sign for children 6 to 18 years of age (Under 6 years of age must be accompanied with parent/guardian)

  • Our courteous bus captain will pick up your child up at your door.

  • When we arrive at the church we take your child from the bus to his or her Sunday school class.

  • In the classroom teachers teach your child about Jesus Christ and applies the Word of God to their lives, complete with stories, songs, and crafts.

  • After Sunday school, if you would like for your child to stay for Youth Church, the Sunday school teachers lead the children age 3 years old to sixth grade to the Junior church program room and introduce the new children to the Junior church preacher and his assistants.  Teenagers will proceed to the Young Adult program room.

  • After the Junior church service, your child will be picked up by the Bus Captain and escorted back to the bus for the ride home.

  • Finally, when the bus arrives at or near your home, we make sure that your child is safely escorted to your door by either the bus captain or a bus worker.

     The children age 6 to 12 will always be accompanied by an adult worker from getting on the bus, to the church programs, and on the ride home and will not be left by themselves at any point of the time with Praise Redemption Worship Center. We truly understand the value of children!

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