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We want getting involved at PRWC to be easy for anybody so we have developed a process for you. It's kind of a road map. The process helps you to know where you are going, how long it will take you, and where you have been. We think this process can best be summed up by the words connect, grow, serve. Each one of these steps is a two fold process. We believe that when you have completed the process you will be prepared and empowered to join us in ministry.


We know that might seem like a lot but keep reading and we think you will see that you can do it and it will be beneficial for you.


Connect.Grow. Serve.


The first step to getting involved is the connect step.  In this step, we want to help you connect to Christ and His church.


Second, we want you to grow up in Christ and together in Christ.


The third step is we want you to serve Christ in His church and in His World.

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